Monday, January 25, 2016

Adepta Sororitas Chapter 3

- Chapter 3 -

"Protector", the Inquisitor called, the static blocking half the words through the Immaterium, "we are now entering orbit... ... Thygius IV ... Orks spotted in ... ... Prime... Landing stormtroo... ... Flame... hours. Emperor protects... ..."

"Inquisitor... Sororitas... within... week... sector... ... protects..."

And so with a shrug greenskins watched as the sky was pierced by black landers, the letter I emblazoned in golden paint reflecting the light of the setting suns. "Fools", barked the watch, "what d'they expect? Glory? We tink not".

Adepta Sororitas Chapter 1

- Chapter 1 -

The Protector of Faith received the news from a distant realm. Something is amiss again at Thygius. With a whispered command to his retinue, he headed towards his transport. "Ork", he said, "what is next on that blasted surface?"

Necron Chapter 1

- Chapter 1 -

...beep.... beep... Two long signals broke the silence and made Prefect Nuhk'ta turn his head and look at the interface once again. 

What is so special about that planet? Why does everyone seem to want a piece of Thygius? And now the orcs too?!

Prefect Nuhk'ta paused for a second before he entered the code. There. The order to ready the troops arrived at Orazyn within a second. This means war.

Adepta Sororitas Chapter 2

- Chapter 2 -
An ongoing torment of Orks on Thygius IV has left the Imperium shell-shocked. We have seen the xenos on the planet before. They have, however, always been purged, the Light of the Emperor ever surpreme also in such places. I have myself fought them there, fire, hymns and bolts driving them off. 

Now it seems they have achieved some unexpected longivity on the world. As I write this, Inquisitor, I am about to embark throught the Immaterium to stike a blow to the green pest that dwells on Thygius IV. Simultanously, a section of the Adepta Soritas has been mustered. 

Still I fear we may well be late, since our locations are some way off Thygius. I therefore request from you that you contribute what forces you have available and strike the green host. There are supposedly pockets of Imperial Guard still scattered on the surface. 

I have tried to make contact, but I have had no response. The orks are legion, so I would expect flame to be efficient. We will arrive within the week.

For the Emperor!

Yours faithfully,
Uriah Jacobus, Protector of the Faith



Thygius IV: Background

The Easterm fringe, the frontier of the Imperium. Almost blind to the Light of the Astronomican. These worlds of the Emperor are at the furthest reach of his armies, but never beyond.

Here dwells Thygius IV, classified as a Quarantined World by the Inquisition.

At the present, automated Imperial orbital beacons encircle Thygius IV, declaring the world forbidden to all traffic and communion with the wider Imperium. The reason for this has been lost, save for the fact that it was Lord Inquisitor Ulliquell of the Ordo Malleus final command.

Recently, by the order of Adeptus Administratum, Bothnian 50th army has started to probe Thygius IV and slowly explore and garrison the planet.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

 Crimson Fist Terminator

Crimson Fist Rhino
 Tyranid Assault


Nurgle Champion

Greater Demon

Death Guard 

Flyer vs Tank

Tau Firebase

Kroot Carnivore Squad

XV88 Broadside Battlesuit
 Ghost Ark

 Necron is Rising

Necron Objective Marker

The Nightbringer

Necron Overlord

Necron Warriors Advancing
 Objective Marker

Immolator  vs Plague Zombies

 Bomb Crater

City planing 

Deus Mechanicus

Heroes of Thygius

Where City meets Wilderness

 Cracked open Prometheus pipes

Thygius Soil

Bad road maintenance

 Where the streets have no name

Remeber Noctis Obscurum!

More fightin!


Ork Trukk

The Curse of Unbelief; Plague Zombies
They are coming! I feel them scratching inside my mind, scratching, screaming, running, so many - so, so many voices.

Hormagaunts on the move
Rough Riders on bikes 

One Platoon of 3x3 Chimeras, Bothnian Pattern.

 Chimeras with armoured skirts

 A Bothnian patern Chimera

 Chimera advance

 Wheeled Chimera

Mech Platoon Assault